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Mold Making


With over 30 years of experience in plastic injection molding and plastic blow molding , RAJAWALI MULTIPLASTINDO JAYA is here to help you bring your products from concept to completion at competitive prices. Our company offers both plastic injection mold making as well as plastic blow mold making services.

Our highly skilled and reliable team is ready to assist you in designing as well as delivering the plastic products you need; to assist you in reaching your target market and achieving your goals.

Order Process


The following is the process of our plastic mold making service:

Customer Consultation > Fee Quotation > Detailed Drawings are Provided for Customer Approval > Mold Construction > Prototypes / Product Samples are Provided for Customer Approval > Final Mold

We are eager to work closely with you and to walk you through the entire process to ensure that your expectations are met or even exceeded. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there should be any inquiries.

RMJ proudly offers its services and support to assist you in achieving your goals!

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