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Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic injection molding is a process in which plastic material in the form of granules is melted in order to enable it to be injected under pressure into a mold, where it solidifies into the shape of the mold cavity. This production process is suited for high-volume part manufacturing.

Without you noticing, you are surrounded by injection molded plastic components and products in your daily life. Countless components and products are reliant on plastic injection molding process for their manufacture, such as:

  • Automotive Components (e.g. dashboard, bumper, console box, side mirror shell)
  • Sports Equipment (e.g. treadmill panel, speed rope handles, shin guards, sports cones)
  • Toys & Games (e.g. toy bricks, plastic model kits, game console and controller shell/case)
  • Electronic Components (e.g. phone and computer shell/case, AC adapter shell, TV shell)
  • Food & Beverage Supplies (e.g. plastic spoon and fork, food containers, plastic bottle cap)
  • Medical Equipment (e.g. first aid box, syringe)
  • Health & Safety Equipment (e.g. construction helmet, safety goggles, wet floor sign)
  • Baby Products (e.g. baby feeding set, baby bathtub, baby stroller parts, baby toys)
  • Housewares (e.g. bucket, plastic cutting board, storage box, plastic stool)


With the objective of producing optimal results, our manufacturing facility operates 24 hours, 6 days a week, and we hire a team of reliable, dedicated and skillful personnel to handle our plastic injection molding machines.

Order Process


The following is the process of our plastic injection molding service:

Customer Consultation > Fee Quotation > Prototypes / Product Samples are Provided for Customer Approval > Production > Final Products

We are eager to work closely with you and to walk you through the entire process to ensure that your expectations are met or even exceeded. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there should be any inquiries. RAJAWALI MULTIPLASTINDO JAYA proudly offers its services and support to assist you in achieving your goals!

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